Ritual use of ayahuasca

Aya-what? Ten years ago you needed access to one of the underground networks to be able to drink the remarkable ayahuasca ‘tea’. Nowadays all kinds of facilitators advertise their ceremonies publicly online. The plant brew from the Amazon receives a lot of media attention and most westerners know at least one colleague, friend or family member who experiments with it.

But what actually is ayahuasca? And how is this psychedelic drink used in its traditional context? A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the ritual use of ayahuasca for smartshop Azarius. Next to the indigenous traditions from the Amazon, the article discusses the development of ayahuasca churces in Latin America and the many hybrid forms of ritual that developed in the western context over the past years.

Ayahuasca is implemented for a wide variety of purposes: from healing and self development to the generation of mystical experiences. Strikingly, the brew is almost always poured in a ceremonial context.

Curious? Read the full article here: Ritual use of ayahuasca.


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