For Azarius magazine #4 I wrote the article ‘If psychedelics were legal…’ It was published on paper. You can read the whole magazine online here. For the article, scroll to pages 15-17.

Psychedelic Press UK

Interview with psychedelic artist Luke Brown. Originally published on paper in Psychedelic Press UK print journal (2013 Vol.2). Here you can read the article online (longread): Keeping the doors of the visionary experience cracked open

Fractal Enlightenment


For more of my Bodhi articles check (all in Dutch!)


This is an overview of articles published elsewhere that are related to my blog. 
I also write about religion, spirituality, sustainability and diversity - for a 
variety of platforms. At the moment I don't have a full list of publications 
available online. For a first impression and some links you are invited to take 
a look at my LinkedIn profile. 

Header picture:‘Hoi An The Blue Lotus Temple Vietnam’ door Max Pixel 

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