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Hi, my name is Judith. I’m a freelance researcher (anthropologist) and journalist, fascinated by religion, spirituality and questions of consciousness.

In 2012 I graduated in Religious Studies with a fieldwork study on the religious experiences of the members of an ayahuasca church. I was fascinated by the subject and decided to continue my research independently. I expanded the scope of my study into all kinds of ritual, religious and spiritual use of plant medicines.

I visited a wide range of shamanistic ceremonies, worked in a smartshop, and immersed myself in the Rainbow movement and psytrance scene. I spoke to many psychonauts and of course read a lot about these topics. Besides the classics of the subculture I try to stay update with new articles that appear in the media.

Over the years I wrote many journalistic and informative articles on psychedelics and the psychedelic subculture. You can find links at Publications. On this website I hope to find more space to share my findings with you.

Being an anthropologist means ‘going native’: you become one with the subculture you are studying. Obviously, this project had impact on how I personally see and perceive the world. As this is equally important to me, and clearly connected to the research, I decided to share about my own (spiritual) insights under the header ‘Experiences’.

I hope you enjoy reading around! Please leave a comment or send in the contact form. I’m always happy to get in touch and hear your feedback.

1 thought on “About me”

  1. When you wrote
    “And then.. it breaks through. A buzz in my head. The world starts spinning. Colours. I elevate to a higher dimension. I become one big, happy smile. This is what we’re after! Every time again, along countless pathways: they all end up here. I am bliss, ecstasy, the most amazing beauty. My heart is not empty any more, it is full.

    I breathe in deeply. And I breathe out deeply. This is what I was longing for: it does exist, it is real. Even better: it is always here! And we’re able to discover it again and again.”

    This is the only accurate description of the experience I’ve had at my last Daime work a week ago. The buzzing noise, the annihilation, the God experience, absolute experience of the eternal. I can’t imagine how much further it could’ve gone if I’ve smoked some Santa Maria.

    Thank You for your report. I’ve tried explaining to others the buzzing noise, and the experience of the divine in my church, but surprisingly so very few. This makes me feel home and welcomed. Thank You. Will love to chat some more. Have you touched bufo alvarius?

    Please email me back!

    Wishing You Well

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